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Croazia unita dal ponte di Pelješac
Con una grande inaugurazione il ponte di Pelješac apre al traffico il 26 luglio 2022! Dopo 300 anni la Croazia territoriale unita. Dopo diversi anni di costruzione di questa imponente struttura, ora si può viaggiare lungo la costa croata con un po' più di facilità.  Il ponte, un gigante di oltre 2.400 metri, ha anche un grande valore simbolico nazionale...
Trenino Verde delle Alpi, il mezzo più green
Il Trenino Verde delle Alpi è il mezzo più green per arrivare in Svizzera perché è verde nel vero senso della parola. Infatti, si tratta di una linea servita da BLS, importante attore green nel sistema di trasporti svizzero. Con una quota di energia idroelettrica superiore al 95% nel mix della corrente ferroviaria, BLS apporta un importante contributo alla...
Three Days with your Family in Rome
7 Must See in Rome- Top 7 Things to Do in Rome Here are the top 7 things you can not miss if you are in Rome. Whether you are here for one day or five, you can not miss these eight things, and the Roma Pass can help you experience them all. Trevi Fountain This is the most famous...
Streets of Trastevere
This guide will highlight Rome’s hidden gems for students visiting Rome on a budget with limited time. The purpose of this guide is to show attractions using the Roma Pass that are more easily missed because they are less talked about compared to some of Rome's more famous landmarks.  I am a student here so I can recommend things...
6 Tips for Studying Abroad in Rome Are you excited to move to Italy to study abroad, want to get the most out of your experience, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, here are 6 tips for studying abroad in Rome, including the benefits of the Roma Pass, to ensure that you take advantage of all of the...
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What to do in 72 hours in Rome or with your RomaPass is written by Michelle Rodriguez, who is a study abroad student living in Rome. The purpose of this Rome travel guide is to allow young student travelers on a budget in Rome for the weekend to accomplish everything they want to see within a short period of...
fontana di trevi di notte
Explore Rome in 3 Days The Perfect Itinerary to Explore the Best of Italy’s Capital, Rome  If you’re traveling to Rome for only 3 days and want to explore as much as possible, this itinerary will help you feel much more like a local than a tourist. It will provide insight on the fastest transportation, most delicious restaurants, jaw-dropping museums, and...
Three Days with your Family in Rome
Three Days with your Family in Rome This article was written by a twenty-one year old American student studying in Rome for a semester.  Over the four months Miles lived in Rome, received the visits of his friends and  family and with them he explored both the famous monuments and lesser-known streets of the Eternal City. How families can experience Rome’s...
4 Reasons Why Rome is the Best Place to Visit
Where should you go this summer? There are plenty of beautiful cities all around the world you could visit, but there is one city that truly stands alone: Rome. Why should you come to Rome for your summer vacation? There are hundreds of different reasons but the four main ones are history, art, religion, and food. Reason 1: The History Is...
Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurants Near Vatican City
  Rome is home to an estimated 13,000 different restaurants all ranging in size and variety of food offerings. With a seemingly endless number of places to enjoy a meal, I wanted to offer three recommendations near the Vatican City a tourist can enjoy without having to break the bank. 3 of the best inexpensive Italian restaurants near Vatican City...


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