Exploring the Colosseum and Roman Forum
My biggest advice for how to make the most of Rome is to plan in advance! Although I had done loads of research when I got to Rome I got distracted and time started to fly by. So in my last month I had made a bucket list. I compiled everything that I still had yet to...
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What to do in 72 hours in Rome or with your RomaPass is written by Michelle Rodriguez, who is a study abroad student living in Rome. The purpose of this Rome travel guide is to allow young student travelers on a budget in Rome for the weekend to accomplish everything they want to see within a short period of...
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Explore Rome in 3 Days The Perfect Itinerary to Explore the Best of Italy’s Capital, Rome  If you’re traveling to Rome for only 3 days and want to explore as much as possible, this itinerary will help you feel much more like a local than a tourist. It will provide insight on the fastest transportation, most delicious restaurants, jaw-dropping museums, and...
Three Days with your Family in Rome
Three Days with your Family in Rome This article was written by a twenty-one year old American student studying in Rome for a semester.  Over the four months Miles lived in Rome, received the visits of his friends and  family and with them he explored both the famous monuments and lesser-known streets of the Eternal City. How families can experience Rome’s...
4 Reasons Why Rome is the Best Place to Visit
Where should you go this summer? There are plenty of beautiful cities all around the world you could visit, but there is one city that truly stands alone: Rome. Why should you come to Rome for your summer vacation? There are hundreds of different reasons but the four main ones are history, art, religion, and food. Reason 1: The History Is...
Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurants Near Vatican City
  Rome is home to an estimated 13,000 different restaurants all ranging in size and variety of food offerings. With a seemingly endless number of places to enjoy a meal, I wanted to offer three recommendations near the Vatican City a tourist can enjoy without having to break the bank. 3 of the best inexpensive Italian restaurants near Vatican City...
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Art, history, culture, and food. Rome is a city filled with life. Life of past, present, and future influences. In this beginner’s guide to see Rome in 72 hours I will take you through the best Rome has to offer. The Roma Pass Rome is known for its eternalness. Its preservation of past lives is seen all throughout the city, and...
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Rome is a city built from its eternal beauty. Its skyline structure glimmers from the Mediterranean colors and sunshine alike. Although Rome is not the best plateaued city you can find some secret spots that are bound to enhance the views of this beautiful city. The Benefits of the Roma Pass With the purchase of the Roma pass the transportation provided...
  So you're spending a weekend in Rome and unsure of what to do? I'm sure the city and its magnificence can be a bit overwhelming, so it is important to note all of the many hotspots and hidden gems within Rome. With this list, you will find everything you need from seeing Rome's historical artwork to trying delicious paninis...
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This article highlights the five best sights to see as a touristic family coming to Rome, Italy. Whether you are American, Canadian, or European this article will help you as you are planning your family vacation to Rome, the five sights that are a must-see when visiting the eternal city are the Vatican City, Roman Forum and Colosseum, Villa...


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