How to Use Public Transportation In Rome, Italy when Traveling with Family

Family can use the current Roma Pass as a family pass. In fact it’s enough that the two parents buy one card each and the children can take advantage  of their parent card for free.

After buying the Roma Pass, Public transportation can still be difficult or an area of stress in a new area and in a new language. Read this article for the top five tips for an easy transportation experience for your family. When traveling with your family, it can be hard to please everyone. Once you purchase the Roma Pass (, this article will guide you through an easy transportation experience for you and your family, including information on local bus tickets, metro lines, and the best apps to download! You have to consider everyone’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and sometimes even the weather throws a wrench in your plans! So to make your trip to Rome hassle-free, follow this guide so that you can spend more time with your family and less time worrying about transportation.

1. Buy the  Roma Pass and use it as a family card

The first step is to buy the Family Roma Pass. This Pass allows a family to buy a pass for up to 72 hours which includes free public transportation around Rome in addition to free entrance to museums and discounted ones.  Roma Pass includes additional perks such as a gift of water bottle that you can fill out in the many nasoni (the small water fountains around Rome).
Family can plan itineraries of their time in Rome getting inspired by the Romapass website, which will show them attractions, museums, and experiences available for them and their family. So let’s talk about how to make the transportation part easy! 

2. Download the app Moovit

Before your trip to Rome, the first application that I would recommend downloading is Moovit. This app tells you every option you have in getting from point A to point B and what it will cost. You can’t book tickets from this app, but it gives you clear instructions and your estimated arrival time. Every bus and metro line is also on this app, so you have an excellent estimate of what time your mode of transportation will arrive.

3. Download the app Omio

The second app that I recommend is Omio. This app allows you to buy bus and train tickets if you happen to be traveling a little farther to the edge of Rome. It also gives you options for bus and train tickets from the airport to the city center! The most affordable way to get to the airport is by SitBus, which runs by the hour and gets you to Termini (Rome’s central station) in about 45 minutes and 8 Euros/person. However, depending on the size of your family, an Uber will typically cost around 50-60 Euros, so make sure to do the math and pick the more affordable option.

4.  Where to get local bus tickets

Another significant stressor for families traveling to Rome is wondering how/where to get bus and metro tickets. Let’s start with the bus. Scattered throughout Rome, little stores are marked by the white T with a blue background called a Tabacchi. You can find these stores from a Google Search or any Maps application. You can enter these stores and buy a bus ticket for 1.50 Euro. I would recommend buying a few at a time so that whenever you need a bus ride, you are prepared. Once you get on the bus, you can “validate” your ticket by scanning it in the yellow box on every bus. That ticket is then valid for the next 100 minutes, so you’re free to hop on and off different buses.

5. Where to get local metro tickets

The metro is very simple. If you put your destination into your Apple maps, Google maps, or Moovit (the app recommended at the beginning of the article), they will tell you precisely what station to go to, what line to board, and where to get off. To pay for the metro, you tap a contactless credit/debit card or your Apple wallet to the scanner, and the gates will open for 1.50 Euro. If you don’t have that kind of card, you can buy train tickets at the station.

6. FreeNow Taxi service or Uber

One more option, which is excellent for larger families, is FreeNow. This taxi service app will have you pick the size of the car you need and the location. You may either book it on the spot (you might have to wait!) or book it in advance through their reservation system. You can also use the Uber app, which tends to be just as reliable.

So now that you have bought the Roma Pass, you will have a leisurely experience traveling through Rome with your family! Overall, there are many ways to get around Rome with ease and affordability. The best way to get anywhere I haven’t talked about yet is on your feet! There are many beautiful things to see when you walk the streets of Rome with your family.

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Ellen Harrison


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