Solo travel can be intimidating for many travelers but it has become increasingly popular amongst millennials. Millennials prioritize experiences and travel and have been seeking out solo travel more and more. Rome is a great city for solo travelers as it has many historical sites and museums to see, provides the opportunity to meet more people, and is very safe. Below is our guide for solo travelers visiting Rome.

Sight Seeing
The Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum: These iconic Roman sites are all within a two-minute walking distance of each other. Either hop on a tour to learn more about these sites or walk around on your own. Visitors can learn about ancient Roman history and see how the ancient Romans lived. With most tourists in Rome visiting these locations, they are a great place to meet other travelers.
Trevi Fountain: The Trevi Fountain is right in the center of the action in Rome. Don’t forget to throw a coin in the beautiful fountain as it means you will return to Rome! One can explore the fountain further by going underneath to see the aqueduct that feeds it. There are also many restaurants around the fountain, so it is a great way to meet other people.
Pantheon: The Pantheon is the most well preserved ancient monument in Rome and is a must-see. One can go inside to see the breathtaking space and view it from the outside at the many restaurants in the piazza. I suggest grabbing a sandwich at All’Antico Vinaio and sitting along the fountain and taking in the view.
Villa Borghese: To experience nature within Rome, head to Villa Borghese. There are many things to do in the beautiful park, be sure to check out the Terrazza del Pincio for a panoramic view of Rome, Giardino del Lago, and the Borghese Gallery to see some Italian art. Also, take time just to sit and enjoy the views of the gardens.
St. Peter’s Basilica: St. Peter’s Basilica is also a must-see. The largest church in the world features more than just a church, one can see sculptures by Michelangelo and the beautiful details of the architecture. Climb the dome to see another panoramic view of the city.
Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi: This terrace in Trastevere is a great place to visit in the late afternoon as the setting sun over the city. The terrace overlooks all of Rome and has gardens below that one can explore. Many people come to watch the sunset so bring a drink and snack and enjoy the music that is usually played there, it’s a great way to meet new people.
Food and Nightlife
Trastevere: Trastevere is the center of food and nightlife in Rome. There are beautiful piazzas to enjoy Roman classics such as Carbonara or Cacio e Pepe. There are also many bars and nightlife spots to explore where one can meet locals and travelers alike. Some must visit spots include Tonarello, Ristorante La Scala, and Donkey Punch.
Piazza Navona: Piazza Navona is a beautiful large piazza to enjoy a meal in, with a beautiful fountain in the center. There are many restaurants to choose from that serve everything from pizza to pasta, and other Italian classics. With large spaces of outdoor seating, one can enjoy the piazza, people watching, and chatting with those around them. Personal favorites include Ristorante Tucci and Grom Gelateria.
Campo de’ Fiori: Campo de’ Fiori is another great hub with many amazing restaurants and nightlife spots. The piazza includes many restaurants and bars, so one does not have to go far to have a fun night out in Rome. The piazza also has lots of outdoor seating at restaurants, the best of which include Osteria da Fortunata and Osteria delle Coppelle.

Via dei Coronari: Take a stroll down Via dei Coronari, this old Roman street is lined with small local restaurants and gelaterias to enjoy. Via dei Coronari is the perfect place to feel like you are in old Rome. Places to check out include Gelateria del Teatro and Pasta Imperiale.

All of the spots above are great places for solo travelers to visit and meet other travelers. A RomaPass is a great option for people who want to visit as much as they can in Rome, it provides discounted entrance to many tourist locations as well as access to public transportation. Rome is very accessible to those traveling solo and it is very easy to meet other travelers as well.

Crosby Colyer


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