The Do’s and Dont’s of Rome (A Guide for New Travelers) is written by Trent Writer, a current American student studying abroad in Rome. The purpose of the below guide is to serve the American community and individual tourists planning to travel to Rome, either to study abroad or for pleasure. Find below the Do’s and Dont’s of Rome and ensure a successful and enriching trip!

#1) DO Get Gelato 

Firstly, the Gelato stands sprinkled throughout Rome are not few and far between. In turn, make sure to get as much Gelato as you can from as many different places as possible. Try as many flavors as possible, and do not be afraid to try something new! (The almond flavors are excellent as well as anything with Nutella)

#2) DON’T Listen to Street Vendors

Secondly, during your stay in Rome, you will inevitably be stopped by a street vendor attempting to sell you lighters, flowers, phone chargers, and anything else you most likely don’t want or need. Or course, if you desire a lighter, flower, or phone charger, then feel free to buy. However, most of these sellers are scam artists looking for tourists who do not know any better about who they can steal their money. Therefore, keep an eye on your wallet and your surroundings. If one of these characters comes up to you, do not be afraid to walk away, politely say “No Grazie,” or ignore them. 

#3) DO Take Lots of Pictures

Thirdly, take intergenerational pictures that you will have for a lifetime. Will you possibly look like a tourist? Yes. Does it matter if you look like a tourist? No. You will be flying away from anyone who judges you at the end of your trip. So, fill up that camera roll and get some photos that will last generations!! 

#4) DON’T say, Grassie!! 

Fourth, okay, maybe you know how to say Thank You in Italian correctly. In which case, you know more than many other tourists who travel to Italy for the first time only to discover that what they had thought was a word is actually nonsense. Thank You in Italian is pronounced Gratzie YAY. Correct spelling – Grazie. You are welcome!! 

#5) DO Learn Simple Phrases Prior to Traveling

Additionally, knowing how to ask phrases such as the following: 

  • where the bathroom is
  • ordering a cappuccino
  • asking for a glass of water 
  • Etc. 

are all basic phrases that you may not even realize you use in your home language and learning simple phrases such as these memorized before your travels can help tremendously in your first few days of being in a new place! Download some translator apps on your phone, and do not be afraid to use them throughout your travels. Locals will look at you with admiration as you try to speak their language. It truly is the effort that counts!

#6) DO Get the Roma Pass

Finally, the Roma Pass enables travelers to spend more time traveling rather than more time planning to travel. The Roma Pass offers travelers coming to Rome the opportunity to purchase a one-stop-shop pass that suit the needs of the 48 or 72 hour tourist. Moreover, the pass enables travelers access to every museum in the municipality of Rome, public transport access. More info in Roma Pass!

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By Trent Writer


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