The 10 Best Things to do in Rome is a guide meant to serve the American community and individual tourists planning to travel to Rome, either to study abroad or for pleasure. Please find below the ten best places to visit and activities to experience in Rome: make your stay in the city a success! 

#1) The Roman Forum

Have you ever heard the expression All Roads Lead to Rome? Here is a new saying, All Roads Lead to the Roman Forum. If you genuinely wish to understand and appreciate the eternal city’s history, a great place to begin is by paying a visit to the Roman Forum. Get to know the history of Rome and the wonders of the ancient world by visiting the archaeological site! Once the center of public life for over a millennium, the Roman Forum offers visitors a journey through the history of the eternal city. Additionally, the Forum provides visitors the ability to learn, in an authentic way, about the past, victories, and periods of the eternal city.

#2) The Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna)

Although the steps leading up from the Piazza di Spagna to the French monastery church Trinita dei Monti are often thronged by tourists, they are so for a good reason. The so-called Spanish Steps offer visitors beautiful views of the city day or night, overlooking one of the major shopping centers of Rome. If you enjoy shopping, a visit to the Spanish Steps is a must! If you are looking for something special to remember your trip to Rome or gifts for friends and family, the Spanish Steps is a beautiful place to start. 

#3) The Colosseum

When one thinks of Rome, the Colosseum often comes to mind. The structure is a staple of the ancient city and a hallmark of the gladiatorial games once played there. A visit to Rome would not be complete if one did not pay a visit to the old stadium. The guided tours offered through the Colosseum are an excellent evening activity to learn more about the famous structure and its history. The side streets just outside of the Colosseum are also a great place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the company of friends, family, and locals! 

#4) The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain often comes to visitors’ minds when picturing the ancient city. As one of Rome’s oldest water sources, the fountain is essential in its own right. However, the myth accompanying the fountain makes the Trevi an even more critical place to visit on your travels to Rome. As the legend goes:

  • Face your back to the fountain and toss one coin over your shoulder into the fountain to return to Rome.
  • Toss two coins into the fountain to return to Rome and find love.
  • Toss three coins into the fountain to return to Rome, fall in love, and get married.

If you believe the famous legend, and wish to return to Rome, then a visit to the Trevi is a must-have visit. 

#5) The Borghese Gallery

Some call the Borghese Gallery the best curation of Roman and Greek art. Although 500 of the pieces are on display at the Louvre in Paris, France, many will argue that to truly experience the collection of works, one must visit the original gallery in Rome. Home to some of the most remarkable pieces of the baroque time, the Borghese Gallery does not disappoint. Paying a visit to this most intimate and highly curated selection of outstanding works is sure to amaze travelers worldwide. 

#6) Colonna Palace

Considered one of Rome’s former royal residences, the Colonna Palace has opened its doors to patrons on weekends. Visitors may walk through the famous Colonna Gallery and wander through the estate gardens and apartments for a unique experience away from the hustle and bustle of the grand city. Colonna Gallery will dazzle tourists wishing to have an exceptional, off-the-beaten-path experience. Although not considered one of the most known places to visit in Rome – even by locals – the building is sure to stun! 

#7) The Capitoline Museums

Coming in as a close contender to the Vatican Museums, the Capitoline Museums are some of the most important museums to visit in Rome because they have, and continue to, preserve Ancient Rome. Although the museums are not filled with strictly Roman art, the memory of Ancient Rome is a driving force of the museum’s purpose.

#8) Bike the Ancient Appian Way

Something sure to be off of the beaten path of your average tourist is to take a bike ride on the Ancient Appian Way. Considered to be Rome’s gateway to the East, the Appian Way is one of the earliest roads in Rome and one of the world’s first highways. The ancient road holds its historical mysteries and heritage – unique to every other historical site available to visit in Rome. For again another authentic experience, sure to engrain itself in a visitor’s memory for a lifetime, the archaeological and architectural heritage of the way holds its own and has stood (or instead laid) the test of time! 


Gelato stands and shops are sprinkled about Rome much in the same way as coffee shops such as Starbucks does in the United States. Paying a visit to a nearby Gelato shop will brighten up anyone’s day. Although many Romans will have their favorite shops and flavors, this author suggests the reader try as many different places and flavors as possible while staying. Develop your tastes while in Rome to make the next time you visit an even more enjoyable experience! 

#10) Be an Explorer (with the Roma Pass)! 

If you have ever traveled to a new place, then you know how daunting a process it can be to find all of the resources to enjoy your travels rather than stress about planning everything at the onset. The 48 h or 72 h Roma Pass allows travelers coming to Rome to get the most out of their trip! The Roma Pass enables visitors of the ancient city to venture anywhere and everywhere, do anything and everything, and – most importantly – make a trip to Rome a memorable and enjoyable, stress-free experience!

Included: 1 or 2 free entrances to museums + discounted entrances in all public Rome museums + free public transportation.

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