This article highlights the five best sights to see as a touristic family coming to Rome, Italy. Whether you are American, Canadian, or European this article will help you as you are planning your family vacation to Rome, the five sights that are a must-see when visiting the eternal city are the Vatican City, Roman Forum and Colosseum, Villa Borghese Gardens, Spanish Steps, and Trastevere. More information is provided below.

Vatican City – Museum and Basilica 

The astonishing views from the Vatican City can leave you breathless. Entering the square is free, however, if you plan to go into the Museum and Basilica make sure to buy tickets online. We even recommend the Roma Pass which will give you access to all the museums and tourist sights in Rome with no hassle.

Roman Forum and Colosseum 

The Roman Forum and Colosseum are one of the most fantastic sights to see in Rome. The beautiful views and astonishing history that are held within these two landscapes make for a must-see experience with your family. Entry can be done by using various tickets sold in-person or online or by the Roma Pass which gives access to the metro to get to the Roman Forum and Colosseum. After you and the family are done sightseeing head over to many of the cafes or restaurants nearby to have a nice refreshment or meal,  one of my recommendations is to pop in on a side street somewhere in a less touristy area to get a more authentic meal.

Villa Borghese Gardens

One of the most peaceful places in Rome, the Villa Borghese Gardens give a nice peaceful break from the busy streets of Rome. Head over to these gardens and have a walk to the many sights it has to offer. Perhaps you can rent a boat on the pond located in the gardens or make your way over to the Terrazza del Pincio to get a great overlook of the eternal city. But sometimes the best plan is to have no plan and to wander around in these gardens discovering the uniqueness and beauty that it has to offer. You can arrive here from the metro using your Roma Pass and it is a very quick walk into the gardens.

Spanish Steps

One of the best lookouts in the city! Head over here for sunset with the family and enjoy the great views. There are a few rooftop bars that are close by if that suits your needs, however, these can be very expensive. It might be worthwhile to watch the sunset and then catch a taxi to Trastevere for a great dinner at one of the many restaurants there. Very accessible by metro, get off on the stop Spagna using your Roma Pass.


One of the great parts of the city. Excellent dinner and nightlife. Head over to Trastevere in the evening time for a great dinner at the many pinnacle restaurants. One of my favorites is Mimi e Coco. After dinner enjoy a nice stroll on the River Tiber and enjoy the great views of Roma!

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