Benvenuto a Roma!

  • The Eternal City is SO excited to welcome you! To make sure you soak up all the history, art, and culture it has to offer you, be sure to check out these fun sights and activities. You deserve this experiential adventure! 


  1. The Colosseum is an absolute must hit on your Italian bucket list. This breathtaking monument will transport you back to ancient Roman times and be sure to make you feel like you are living in ancient Rome. There are several tours you can elect to do, or, you can enter on your own and explore the stadium at your own speed!
  2. The Trevi Fountain is another Roman favorite that you cannot miss. The beautiful fountain that took 30 years to build is a great way to see detailed architecture combined with the relaxing flow of water and make you feel like you are living the Roman dream! Plus, it makes for a great background for photographs (and you may even see a proposal!)
  3. The Pantheon, or the largest building dedicated to worshiping the gods, is another ingredient to the recipe that is ancient Rome. The Pantheon is a beautiful and strong building that happens to be one of the most intact sights from when it was rediscovered from ancient Roman times. It is jaw dropping how big it is and makes for an excellent afternoon trip in Rome!

Hungry? Allow us to help!

  • During all the walking and sightseeing you will be doing in Rome, we know you will be pretty hungry and thirsty. Good thing Rome has one of the best cuisines in the entire world! Let us tell you our favorites. 

Lets Eat!

  1. Sit down for a plate of pasta! It’s no secret that Italy is notorious for their pasta. While out and about, make time to eat a plate of one of the famous trio dishes of Italy: Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe, or Carbonara. Snap a photo to make your friends back home jealous too!
  2. Gelato! There is no way you can have a perfect day out and about in Rome without picking up a cone of delicious gelato. You will find many shops big and small lining the streets, and the best ones are the ones served in the silver tins! Happy tasting…

3. Grab a drink to unwind and give your busy tourist self a break! From a glass of white wine to an Aperol Spritz, make sure you don’t leave Rome without kicking back for an aperitivo!

Get around…

The best way to get around is with the Roma Pass (48 h or 72 h) which gives access to the public transportation, 1 or 2 free entrance in museums/monuments and discounted in the other Rome museums/monuments.

Carolyn Doonan



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