Rome is a city built from its eternal beauty. Its skyline structure glimmers from the Mediterranean colors and sunshine alike. Although Rome is not the best plateaued city you can find some secret spots that are bound to enhance the views of this beautiful city.

The Benefits of the Roma Pass

With the purchase of the Roma pass the transportation provided will be of great use when navigating the city to find these wonderful views. Most of the parks and areas I will describe house some of the most influential art galleries that Rome has to offer. With the Roma pass you may enter these galleries with swift ease to experience some of the world’s greatest art.

Piazzale Napoleone I

Starting off with Piazzale Napoleone I, this park is a great way to extend your gaze across most of the city. Facing over the Tiber River this overlook offers views of important landmarks across the city such as Saint Peters Basilica, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, and other significant buildings scattered across the Roman landscape. This park is equipped with a wonderful unobstructed platform view of the city, as seen in the image. It is most beautiful during sunset as the warm colors reflect off the buildings below you.

Villa Doria Pamphili

Next is Villa Doria Pamphili. This massive park is home to some of Rome’s most iconic pine trees. If you walk past the Casino Algardi there is an amazing overlook gaze that makes you eye level with the breathtaking Saint Peters Basilica and views beyond. This quaint park is a perfect place to enjoy the serenity that Rome has to offer outside the city, grab a book, sit back, and enjoy the city from above.

Scala dell’arce Capitolina

Lastly, at the top of Capitoline hill is a little overlook called Scala dell’arce Capitolina. This view is one that blasts you back into the earliest of times of Roman History. From this overlook you can see the Roman Forum, The Colosseum, and many of the historical ruins scattered nearby, that you can later enter with the use of the Roma pass. This little overlook is nestled right beside the mayor’s office making it a dormant area where you can spend hours analyzing the ancient history beneath you where powerful Roman emperors once gathered.

Overall, this is just a glimpse of some of the spectacular hidden spots scattered around the city that offer breathtaking views of this wonderful city. The Roma pass will make your navigation throughout the city one of ease and convenience.


Steven Stutz


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