Art, history, culture, and food. Rome is a city filled with life. Life of past, present, and future influences. In this beginner’s guide to see Rome in 72 hours I will take you through the best Rome has to offer.

The Roma Pass

Rome is known for its eternalness. Its preservation of past lives is seen all throughout the city, and it could be overwhelming to decide where to start. The Roma pass allows swift ease to journey through the important artifacts that Rome has to offer. This article will highlight the most notable features in Rome that will make you more than satisfied with your quick trip to one of the best cities in the world. Since you will be occupying the Roma pass you have eligible to view all these wonderful structures described.

The Colosseum and Roman Forum

The first and one of the most iconic features of Rome is the colosseum. The colosseum is one of the most important preserved artifacts that the city has to offer. In the area surrounding the colosseum stands the Roman Forum. This is landscape served as a ground of rule in the earliest times of Roman history. Walk the streets that great emperors used to walk through after some of the most important battles of worldwide history. To see the architect in time before Christ truly will take your breath away.

Trevi Fountain

Next on your trip you must see the Trevi fountain. This magnificent fountain turns dream into realities, so grab a coin and give it a toss! As the water reflects in the sunshine it is also even more breathtaking at night underneath the moonlight. The fountain is equipped with the most spectacular lights that will leave you in awe. In the surrounding area, grab a slice of pizza or a cup of gelato from one of the nearby bustling restaurants to take your tastebuds on a journey of their own. In the conjoining era walk through some of the coolest streets Rome has to offer and make your way to the Tiber River.

The Vatican

In my opinion crossing the Tiber River is one of the most surreal experiences of Rome. To hear the running water below you and see the city move with the river is truly a sight to see. I think when crossing the river, it is the best plan of action to make your way to Vatican City and say hi to the Pope! This magnificent basilica is free to enter and will truly take your breath away with all the art and images displayed inside. Whilst you’re in the area and may have time, the Vatican art museum is truly amazing. This includes seeing Raphael’s rooms and the Sistine Chapel, some of the most notable works of art worldwide.

As you make your way throughout this city you will without a doubt stumble upon some truly amazing pieces of art, statues, structures, and buildings, so be prepared! I hope this short guide can be a good starting point to journey you through this wonderfully eternal city. Grab your walking shoes and a camera and experience all the wonders that Rome has to offer!


Steven Stutz


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