I had the pleasure of visiting Trajans market in Rome. The museum, located a short walk from the Roman forum and colosseum, is beautifully restored, showing off the ancient walls that have held the market hundreds of years ago. Thought to be an ancient market, it provides a priceless glance into daily life in ancient Rome. With the Roma pass, entrance is free. As a study abroad student, this is a must-stop, not only due to the ancient walls and artifacts, but the exhibit in the back, which, until October of this year, is of the story of the lost Viela and its elephant.

Museo dei mercati traianei

For a museum on the smaller side, loads of history is packed into this experience. From the floors to the ceiling, there is history. Sections of marble statues, old buildings, and artifacts are scattered throughout, all dating back to Roman times. Blurbs on the history are proudly displayed as well. Being able to touch the walls that held so much history between them is an incredibly valuable experience, and in a spot that’s a little less crowded because it’s off the beaten path.

trajan's market - a peek at ancient roman lifetrajan's market - a peek at ancient roman life

Museo dei mercati traianei

Staff are available for any questions, and are friendly and helpful. When I visited, we had the pleasure of a tour guide, who was informative and explained everything in an easy to understand way, despite being an archeologist.

Guida al Museo dei mercati traianei

The feature picture is of the gorgeous view over some of the city from the second floor of the museum. You can see Trajan’s column, the Military Cathedral of Santa Caterina, the Roman Forum, and the Tower of Milizie from different places on the second floor. It’s a beautiful viewpoint of some of the most history rich areas of the city.

Museo dei mercati traianei  lastricato romano


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