brick stamps and their descriptions
Trajan’s market is a beautiful museum that displays roman history. Throughout the museum, there are many artifacts such as ancient statues and archeological objects. Pictured above are brick stamps from Trajan’s Market. The brick stamps tell the story of this structure’s construction. The sign states “Under the reign of the emperor Domitian (A.D. 81-96), work began with the...
Trajan's Market Lit Up At Night
  A trip to Trajan's Market, Rome Do you like history and do you like museums? If so, Trajan's Market, located in Rome is the destination for you. Rome has more history than other places in the world and if you want to see how it all started, visit the Trajan's Market. What is Trajan's Market? Trajan's Market is an area that makes...
Rome, Italy Early Life Learning Experience
Low Cost for a Rich Experience As a student studying abroad in Rome, Italy, I have four short months to see and learn as much as possible. This unique opportunity to visit presented itself from the recommendations of a professor. It was a wonderful experience that I hadn’t heard about before and was very reasonably priced.  Pro Tip: If you are a...
Museo dei mercati di Traiano
What is in the Museum? In Museo di Traiano Mercati, there are over 40,000 ancient fragments documented and inventoried in the Museum today. The museum is an archaeological complex with artefacts and architecture specific to Rome. You can see the archaeological evolution in various ways throughout the museum. You can view Roman military fortresses and noble residences. Not only does...
A Museum to See: The Trajan's Market
Mercati Di Traiano So you’re in Rome for the weekend. Where do you even start with planning? There are a multitude of museums, monuments, art pieces, and restaurants to choose from. With only a few days, there is no way to hit it all. However, with help from this blog you can find the ‘must-dos,’ starting with one of my...
Rome, Trajan Market ,Ruins
Built around 110 AD, Emperor Trajan’s market is not that old in comparison to some of the other ancient Roman buildings still standing in Rome, but it certainly does not lack historical importance. For those traveling to Rome wanting to sink their teeth into the history of this great city, the market is a must see. From the history of...
Ancient Museum to See on Your Education AbroadRome Museum Traiano Ruins
TRAJAN'S MARKET Are you considering studying abroad in Rome, and are passionate about immersing yourself in the rich history of the ancient city? Then you must see the historical Roman Market;  Trajan's Market. A fascinating complex of ruins that has been referred to as one of the oldest shopping malls in the world. HISTORY Trajan Market was built in the early 2nd...
Why you should visit the Trajan’s Market & Imperial Forum Museum.
Mercati di Traiano & Imperial Forum Museum is a fascinating exhibit situated in the center of Rome. In its prime, during the Emperor Trajan’s rule in 100AD, this museum was home to over 100 markets spread throughout its 6 floors. Whether you are visiting with family, or studying abroad in Rome, this museum is a must see. Additionally, with...
rome sustainable destination_cupola con alberi
Rome: Your Next Sustainable Destination Thinking of visiting Rome? No need to think anymore. Rome, the capital of Italy,is a historically and culturally rich city. Rome is an incredibly beautiful city that is absolutely worth visiting and living. Sustainability should be at the forefront of everything we do in a world that is changing rapidly. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing your...
Acqurio Romano_ Notte di San Lorenzo
Notte di San Lorenzo – lezione di astronomia, musica, degustazioni gratis all'Acquario Romano, Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47 Mercoledì 10 agosto Per la notte di San Lorenzo, mercoledì 10 agosto alle ore 21, Acquario Romano – Casa dell’Architettura apre i suoi cancelli per una serata di osservazioni astronomiche, musica e degustazioni. Proseguendo le serate di AcquAria, Dove piovono le stelle sarà occasione per...


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