Zürich is a wonderfully diverse city. You can find literally everything in there: modern skyscrapers, traditional houses, parks and… Chinese gardens!

How did I get here?

The temple on the side of the pond
An example of the beautiful Chinese architecture that can be found in the gardens. Photo by Marco Parolin

During my latest trip in Switzerland, I found myself wandering around the Zürich Opera House, and after a 10 minutes walk, I found a traditional Chinese garden, just on the banks of the lake of Zürich.

Situated in Blatterwiese, the exotic garden hosts carps, traditional maples and cherry trees, Chinese architecture and a beautiful pond. All in all, a perfect opportunity to take the picture of a lifetime and fool your friends that you went on a trip to China while comfortably staying in the heart of Europe.

Why is there a Chinese garden in Zürich?

My local friends brought me there and told me about the history of the place: the Gardens were opened in 1994 and they were given as a gift to Zürich by the city of Kunming. They are considered to be one of the highest-ranking gardens outside China.

Is it expensive?

The visit is completely free and it offers the unique chance to take a bite of Chinese culture from the heart of Switzerland. The Gardens are open in between the 18th of March and the 18th of October, from 11:00AM until 7PM. Dogs are allowed too.

It’s a great idea to visit this place with your kids or younger brothers and sisters as they will for sure enjoy the spectacular carps swimming in the lake and they will have fun jumping from one stone to another to cross the little pond.

Overall, the Chinese garden of Zürich are a great opportunity to experience the beauty of China in the European continent.

Article by Marco Parolin


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