While in Rome there are many restaurants to choose from. But to find the most sustainable restaurants in Rome research is needed. The five restaurants that will be talked about in this article are Ginger, Ciao Checca, Vivi LeSerre, 100% BIO, and Re-Bio


The first restaurant to check out in Rome for sustainable eats is Ginger. It is located near Piazza di Spagna. They use their farm for their food instead of massive big size farms that destroy the environment and create a huge carbon footprint. They also make their own wine and olive oil.

Not all of their ingredients come from their farm but when getting other products they focus on obtaining them from local farms that practice sustainable farming. Another sustainable act they use is packaging water in hours so they limit their plastic consumption. Other restaurants in Rome like to use plastic water bottles to hand out to customers, which wastes tons of plastic. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner some come to check them out!

Ciao Checca

Ciao Checca is the next restaurant on the list. It is located in Piazza di Firenze Campo Marzio. They are a street food restaurant. All of their food is served in completely compostable containers. They use energy-efficient appliances in the house to do all the cooking and lighting. Another sustainable act they do is use recycled materials for all their furniture. 

Their food comes from a local small supply chain. It is related to the Farm-to-Table movement. This ensures no part in making the food has a huge impact on the environment. Avoiding large industrial supply chains and farms keeps the restaurant more sustainable. Also, the restaurant is built to be as sustainable as possible. They use nontoxic paint in the restaurant and everything handed out to their customers can be traced back and created sustainably. 

Vivi LeSerre

The final restaurant to check out for sustainable eats is Vivi LeSerre. Vivi LeSerre is located in Piazza Navona. Their food comes from local organic farmers. They get a lot of ingredients from local farms in Monte Mario. This limits the distance needed for the ingredients to travel making it more sustainable compared to having trucks drive a long way to bring food to Rome. Vivi LeSerre also has a greenhouse dining room that has clear glass ceilings. 

100% BIO

In Piazza di Porta stop by 100% BIO for a sustainable restaurant in Rome. They are very adamant about showing that all of their ingredients are 100% organic. They make sure to get their ingredients from the best places possible. Also in the house, they use all recyclable materials. They make sure to use separate waste collection and biodegradable cleaning products. 


Just off the Ottavino stop and going towards the Vatican, the final restaurant that will be mentioned is Re-Bio. Just like the last restaurant all of the products are organic. They get their products from all over Italy, so trying to keep it all in the country to be more sustainable. But they try to get most of their ingredients from local places near Rome to support the Farm-to-Table movement. 


To find the best sustainable restaurants in Rome looking at where their food is sourced from, how they use sustainable infrastructure, and supporting local farms are all great starts to a sustainable restaurant. These are great restaurants to check out to help the environment out but there are still plenty of more sustainable places to eat in Rome, so do some research and eat sustainably.

Dylan Elazegui


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