The Reusable Water Bottle in Rome
The Reusable Water Bottle: Rome’s Most Sustainable Unsung Hero With Rome’s continued effort to reduce the use of single-use plastics (SUP), citizens and tourists alike are encouraged to opt for reusable water bottles as a means of hydration. This allows everyone to advantage of Nasoni water, filtered water fountains sprinkled across the city. Table of Contents: Reducing Single Use Plastics The...
Map of Rome sustainable destination
A Sustainable Itinerary in Roma How to Sustainably Visit the Top 5 Underrated Places in Roma: Here listed below are the top 5 underrated places in Rome and a sustainableitinerary to go to them! Don’t leave Italy before you explore these hidden gems. Aside from the iconic landmarks of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, etc. These 5 locations have a rich...
Sustainable trasportation Picture idea in front of colosseum
Come find out the most efficient ways to get around Rome sustainably in 2022. Written by Siegfriedy Andrade, a young traveler who has been discovering every inch of Rome for the past three months and has been sharing her findings through her articles. Table of Contents Intro Electric Scooters Electric Bikes Electric Buses Electric Mopeds   Intro As the world evolves into a...
Sustainable activities in Rome
What Are Sustainable Activities In Rome? There are an array of sustainable activities in Rome. Italy is a must-see destination for many travelers, with an abundance of places and sites to experience. Each area of Rome has something unique to offer that allows you to experience the city in the most sustainable way possible. From the thrift shopping in Monti to...
eating sustainable in Rome
While in Rome there are many restaurants to choose from. But to find the most sustainable restaurants in Rome research is needed. The five restaurants that will be talked about in this article are Ginger, Ciao Checca, Vivi LeSerre, 100% BIO, and Re-Bio Ginger The first restaurant to check out in Rome for sustainable eats is Ginger. It is located near Piazza...


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