Gluten freein Italy- a country known for its pasta, foccacia, and more wheat products-must be hard, right? Well, as someone who has studied abroad in Rome for a semester, I have found a lot of gluten free substitutes but it took me awhile to find my the best of the best for gluten free. Now I want to share with you my list of favorites-something I wish I had when I arrived in Rome.

Gluten free carbonara from Mama Eat Lab
Gluten free carbonara from Mama Eat Lab

Mama Eat Lab:

Mama Eat Lab has locations all around Italy and 2 in Rome. One is Trastevere and one in Prati (Near the Vatican). The entire restaurant is gluten and lactose free. I’ve found that when something in Italy is gluten free they tend to also make it lactose free. I prefer the one by the Vatican as I believe their portions and service is better. My favorites: Carbonara, Scugnizzielli Nutella (fried pizza dough with nutella-basically a funnel cake), and the Napol’e pizza. By far my favorite place for dinner!


Pandali is located near the Pantheon and is a great spot to know because it’s closer

Scugnizzielli Nutella from Mama Eat Lab
Scugnizzielli Nutella from Mama Eat Lab

to a lot of the main Roman attractions. This is a cafe and has lunch items like sandwiches and quiches but also desserts that you can have with coffee or plain! Everything is gluten free. I’m in love with their tomato suppli! (Fried rice balls filled with cheese). I haven’t found gluten free suppli very often so I stock up when I’m here.


Risotteria is located near Piazza Navona and has over 10 different flavorings of risotto. Now if you’re gluten free, risotto is always a safe option so going to a risotto restaurant might not seem amazing but their whole menu is gluten free and they offer other first plates like fried octopus with potato cream, tiramisu, and more. 

Celiachiamo Lab:

Celiachiamo lab is located in Prati and the whole store is gluten free. They also have a bakery section with a whole glass case filled with cookies, pastries, cakes, and more. I stopped here for my birthday and picked up a mini cake. 

Honourable mentions: A gogo (Prati Neighborhood) and Voglia di Pizza (Pantheon)

Note: Trastevere and locations near the Pantheon are really only accessible with a bus as the metro doesn’t go through those locations. I’d recommend a Roma Pass as it includes transportation.


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