Rome is one of the most beautiful historic cities in the world. While you may have only heard of a few famous monuments like the Colosseum and the Vatican, Rome is also a host to scenic gardens, bustling nightlife, and of course, rich culture and delicious food. Below we outline all the must-do activities and most popular places for university students in Rome to help you optimize just a few days in this wonderful city.

Day Time Activities

  • Museums and archeological sites – famous spots like the Colosseum and the Vatican may be well-known touristy spots, but that doesn’t dampen their effect when you see how incredible they are in person and learn about their history. Rome’s city pass called Roma Pass provides a great package deal to visit these places for cheap.
  • Villa Borghese – these gardens are beautiful to walk through and watch the sunset from! You can also rent a rowboat in the pond and enjoy your peaceful surroundings from the water.
  • Campo de’Fiori Market – located right near Piazza Navona, this market is filled with flowers, fruit, and unique homemade goods to browse in Rome’s old city center.
  • Walk around Trastevere – Trastevere is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods with lots to do and see, so we recommend you check it out both during the day and night!
  • Sunset at Giardino degli Aranci – this is one of the most beautiful sunset spots that overlooks all of Rome…just let the views speak for themselves here.

Must-Try Food


  • A cappuccino and croissant! Italians are known to have a light breakfast, so simply into any coffee shop (called “bars” here) and enjoy famous Italian espresso and a sweet treat to start your day.


  • A sandwich from All’Antio Vinaio — This spot is right by the Pantheon and is world renowned for their fresh ingredients and homemade bread.
  • Pizza by the slice – walk into any pizzeria and chose your slice! This is a quick and inexpensive lunch option that will fulfill your Italian pizza cravings.


  • Suppli — Suppli are fried balls of rice and sauce that melt in your mouth. Supplizio is a store in Trasetevere that specializes in Suppli, but most pizzerias sell them too, for only 1 or 2 euro.
  • Gelato, of course! — You can’t go wrong with this refreshing sweet treat any time of the day. If you are ever by the Vatican, Old Bridge is a crowd-favorite gelateria.


  • Trastevere — The neighborhood Trastevere has an abundance of delicious restaurant options, so we recommend walking around there at dinner time (around 7:30-9:00pm) and choose a restaurant that looks good to you! Definitely try Cacio e Pepe at least once – it is one of Rome’s most famous pasta dishes. Two of the most popular restaurants are Osteria da Fortuna and Da Enzo al 29 but be warned – they will have a long line!


College Bars

  • Piazza Trilussa – Off of Piazza Trilussa, the streets will be filled with university students mingling outside of bars. This is a great place to meet locals!
  • Campo de’Fiori – A square filled with bars, there are always both international students and locals bonding at the wide variety of bars in this area.


  • Discotheques are just starting to reopen post-pandemic, so their days and rules vary greatly. It is recommended to check out their websites and Facebook pages to see when events are being held. Some of the most popular places among students are Jolie, Shari Vari, and Art Café.

Specialty Bars

  • If you want a niche themed bar, chances are Rome has it! Voodoo bar is a fun tiki bar, The Barber Shop is a relaxed speakeasy, and there are so many more for all interests so search around!

If you are only in Rome for a weekend, you have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it! Public transportation is easy to figure out and can get you all over the city. If you get the Roma Pass to access some museums, that also provides an unlimited public transit pass for your stay which makes it extra simple. Enjoy your stay in Rome and make the most of it!

Caroline Rogers


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