Why Should You Experience Rome like the Italians That Live

To make the most out of your trip to the Eternal City, you must embrace the worthwhile culture that is Italy by experiencing the city of Rome like a local. The best way to do this is to truly embrace the rich and historical culture that you are surrounded by. You can do this by interacting with Italians and learning more about their heritage and checking out hidden spots in the city. What better way to change up your routine at home than by seeing all Rome has to offer in a unique way!

In Preparation:

  1. Do Not Book Tourist Traps. Make sure that when you are planning your trip to
    Rome you do not fall into tourist traps such as advertisements that pop up for
    tours guided by people who do not know the history of the city. Try to find an Italian based company that offers tours in your preferred language.
  2. Stay Alert for Customizable Attractions. Look for excursions that are designed to
    entrance and immerse you into an authentic experience. A great place to
    look for these is on the Airbnb website under “experiences.”
  3. Create Your Experience. Rome is one of the most historically rich cities in the world and there is not enough time for even the locals to explore all the wonders of this place.
    When planning your trip make sure to pick one or two themes that you want to focus on the most and then plan your itinerary around those.

Once You Arrive:

  1. Once you get to Rome, avoid people trying to hustle you on the street. Around the major sites in Rome, you are sure to encounter people trying to sell you tickets for entry, excursions, or souvenirs. They are most likely trying to rip you off or sell you an inauthentic experience, be sure to politely decline in order to see Rome in the best way.
  2. When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do. Now that you’ve made it to the eternal city, seek out spots that the locals hang around. Whether this be quaint and off the beaten road restaurants or local fresh markets in the morning, be sure to soak it all in.
  3. Do Not be Afraid to Go Off the Radar. Although itis important to see the most well known sites in Rome because of the history and beauty they contain, you will also want to explore the less traveled sites in the city. Visiting places such as little churches and small neighborhoods will only make your time more memorable.
  4. Follow a Custom Itinerary to See Rome Like a Local. With the RomaPass, you can create an experience that is uniquely yours and at the same time gives you a look at what it is like to live like an Italian in Rome. You can plan each day to your liking and make the most memorable trip for yourself. Visit romapass.it to learn more.

By: Taryn Tremblay


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