If you’re looking for historical sights to see and immerse yourself in the culture of Rome, visit the Museum of Trajan’s Markets. This museum has many interactive exhibitions focused on art and history from different time periods. It displays ancient artifacts including statues, building remains, and marble pieces. 

Historical Context

The Trajan’s Market complex has gone through many stages over the centuries. These stages include the era of the Forum of Caesar (46 BC), the Forum of Augustus (2 BC), the Temple of Peace (75 AD), Nerva (97 AD), and the Forum of Trajan (112 AD). This ancient site was said to have been the first shopping mall and has also been utilized as a center for Emperor Trajan’s imperial administration, office building, trading post, and more. 

This site was rediscovered in the 1920s and restored to serve as an activity center. Then, from 2005 to 2007, the site was structurally restored and major conservation was established. Since 2007, the historical museum of Rome has been active, and available for public viewing and cultural interaction.

Major Exhibitions
Marble Statues

The Forum of Trajan had many white marble statues created in honor of leaders. These statues provide evidence of cultural trends and social behaviors from that time period.

Must See on Your Rome Trip: the Historical Museum of Trajan’s MarketsMust See on Your Rome Trip: the Historical Museum of Trajan’s Markets

The head of the Emperor Constantine was found inside of an ancient sewer tunnel during the 2005 excavation. Although archaeologists only found his head, the full statue is said to have been three meters long. Due to its separation from the body, it is hypothesized that people destroyed the statue and threw it into the sewer.

Also discovered and reconstructed recently are the statues of the Dacians. Unlike the portrait statues, these cloaked bodies have no heads. They do, however, have decorative features such as embroidery and fringes, and are said to have been wielding weapons and shields.

Historical Paintings

Another exhibit displays paintings created in the time period of Emperor Trajan’s rule.  

Must See on Your Rome Trip: the Historical Museum of Trajan’s Markets
~ Maria Barosso (1932)

This painting illustrates a scene of Romans working on a wall of Trajan’s Market. It is unclear whether the artist is depicting the creation of the Forum or the restoration of it in the 1920’s.



Must See on Your Rome Trip: the Historical Museum of Trajan’s Markets
~ O. Ferratto (1932)

This painting replicates a beautifully embellished wall of the Forum of Trajan, as well as a flourishing garden below it. This is believed to be painted after the restoration of this site.



Visiting Information

Address ~ Via Quattro Novembre, 94, 00187 Roma RM

Hours ~ Everyday from 9:30 – 19:30

Website ~ https://www.mercatiditraiano.it/ 

To visit the museum at a minimal cost and get into other museums and exhibitions for free, purchasing a MIC card is suggested. For more information, check out theMIC card website: https://miccard.roma.it/ 

~ Lily Frank


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