Low Cost for a Rich Experience

As a student studying abroad in Rome, Italy, I have four short months to see and learn as much as possible. This unique opportunity to visit presented itself from the recommendations of a professor. It was a wonderful experience that I hadn’t heard about before and was very reasonably priced. 

Pro Tip: If you are a study abroad student or Roman resident, you can get a MIC card for 6 euros. The card can easily be purchased and activated online. A MIC card gives you access to the 18 museums in Rome and 25 other historical and archaeological sites in Rome. It is definitely worth looking into!

Link to MIC card: https://www.museiincomuneroma.it/it/infopage/mic-card

What is the Trojans Market Museum?

Tucked into the outskirts of the city center and often missed by the grandeur of sitting next to the Arc of the Fatherland Monument, this historical landmark and museum are often passed by on the way to the Colosseum. 

Opened in 112 A.D., this museum is still standing after 2,000+ years of deep history. Most easily compared to and described as a market or a large mall, this building was originally designed to be a center of life for the early Roman city. It gained many different titles and transitioned between different purposes that ranged from a public market to administration offices and even just an open social hub for the community. 

Hosting animals, food, events, socialites, government officials, and art, the Trojans Market was a massive three-story building with beautiful architecture and intense attention to detail. 

Museum Mercati Traianei

What Will You See?

I was lucky enough to experience the museum with one of my classes and we were led by the kindest tour guide to help us really grasp the history. I recommend visiting the museum at night because you get it to yourself and have a great view of the city lit up once you reach the lookout point in your tour. 

Museum Mercati Traianei


Carlos, our tour guide, led us through the internal rooms of the museum and all three levels. He showed us the ancient statues and architecture. He even pointed out the original bricks to show the durability of Roman architecture and never missed a detail about the sourcing of materials. 

The museum hosts plenty of interactive activities, and video screens, and offers descriptions next to all the exhibits to read if you don’t have a tour guide. 

The arched ceilings and the courtyard ruins are equally beautiful, it is amazing to me how there is so much history in all the things that aren’t even viewed as “historical.” It just shows the importance of getting the hands-on experience of a museum like Mercati di Traiano because of the visual additions you get to enrich the learning experience.

Would I Recommend It?

Seeing all of the exhibits and learning about what this building meant to the Roman culture made this experience worth it to me. I know not everyone loves a museum, but I would still recommend it to visiting tourists or other study-abroad students who want to appreciate Rome and Italian history on a deeper level. 

Extra Benefits

This museum is definitely worth it for the panoramic view and photo opportunities! The architecture inside is second only to the architecture outside! Less than a five-minute walk to the Colosseum, the view of the Arc of the Fatherland monument is stunning and the overlook of the ruins and city center keeps adding more to the experience! When it is lit up at night, you get a shot at one of the prettiest corners in Rome. Our class took plenty of pictures and selfies. 

The location also is second to none. There are so many famous restaurants and other museums all around that area, so walking in any direction will add to the depth of your appreciation for Rome, its history, and the new opportunities that are around every corner!

By: Catherine Gunnigle


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