What is in the Museum?

In Museo di Traiano Mercati, there are over 40,000 ancient fragments documented and inventoried in the Museum today. The museum is an archaeological complex with artefacts and architecture specific to Rome. You can see the archaeological evolution in various ways throughout the museum. You can view Roman military fortresses and noble residences. Not only does this museum have a lot of history, it has some of the oldest architecture and artefacts in Rome.  It is in a great location as well and very affordable.   has done an excellent job with restoration. The sculptures, inventory, and architecture are in great condition. 

Well known statue in musuem
Statue in Museum

Personal Experience

I visited this museum last week and was very impressed with all the history, ancient ruins, and beautiful views this museum had to offer. My class went on a née”>tour of the museum and had a knowledgeable tour guide who took us through the various rooms. We were able to see various sculptures, artworks, and artefacts. I really enjoyed the end of the tour when we went to a lookout rooftop area. I got to experience looking down at the ancient Roman ruins while having a beautiful view of the city. The museum has artefacts from various of the ancient Roman civilizations and stories. My class was able to see the elephant tusk from prehistoric times.

Image of ancient elephant tusk that was pictured by the Colliseum
Ancient Elephant Tusk

Why you should visit

Overall, this museuman> is a must visit spot. Mercati di Traiano Museo has beautiful views, architecture, and ancient artefacts you will not find anywhere else! If you are looking for a fun experience to learn more about Rome I would highly recommend visiting this eum”>museum. You can gain first hand knowledge about ancient artefacts, ruins, architecture, and culture specific to Rome. In conclusion, this museum