While you wander around the eternal city of Rome with your family, here are the best FIVE things to add to your itinerary. Whether you are a site-seer, foodie, or wanderer there will be a great option for your whole family!

Go on the best tours in Rome for families: Galleria Borghese, Museo Capitolini, and Circo Maximo Experience

Hitting three museums may seem like a lot. But with the ROMA PASS, which you can use as a family pass because it’s enough the two parents buy  the cards to have each of them a kid to benefit of the service, you can get a discounted price to get into all three museums! The Circo Maximo experience will allow you to use augmented reality to visualize the experiences including the chariot races that took place there. To buy the Roma Pass click here.

Grab a cappuccino at Bibliobar

Near the Castel Sant’Angelo and right on the River Tiber, the local coffee shop serves in a beautiful atmosphere with delicious beverages and snacks. A great pit stop on the way to or from Galleria Borghese to grab a quick lunch or apertivo (before dinner).

Watch the sunset on top of the Spanish Steps

The top of the Spanish steps gives a great view overlooking the small streets of Rome. Get your cameras ready for this view. Inside of the (actually French) church there is some beautiful artwork as well.

Eat Dinner at Da Enzo

Da Enzo is a family owned restaurant in Trastevere and is known for its amazing traditional Roman dishes. Stop by for dinner and do not be intimidated by a little line, it moves quick!

Attend a AS ROMA or Lazio soccer game

These games are typically on in the Spring season but are quite a show! The games are very friendly for children of all ages, and is a great atmosphere to be in.

Emma Preda


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