Rome: Your Next Sustainable Destination

Thinking of visiting Rome? No need to think anymore. Rome, the capital of Italy,is a historically and culturally rich city. Rome is an incredibly beautiful city that is absolutely worth visiting and living. Sustainability should be at the forefront of everything we do in a world that is changing rapidly. However, this doesn’t mean sacrificing your enjoyment or skimping out on fun.

There is no better place than the Eternal City to explore while minimizing your carbon footprint. Rome is a perfect destination for the eco-conscious explorer due to its infrastructure, walkability, and green spaces. Zetema’s Roma Pass will make transportation easy while allowing access to major tourist attractions such as the Colosseum.


Self-Directed Walking Tour

A walking tour of Rome on foot or scooter is a great way to spend the day. Feel free to stop for coffee at one of the many bars that decorate the streets of Rome. Just be sure to take your coffee to go or drink it quickly at the counter. For a day-long walking tour that includes the main attractions in city center, Start at Villa Medici and work your way southeast, leaving you to the chance to marvel at the Spanish Steps, Aqueduct ruins, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Piazza Navona before ending at Campo De Fiori. Refrain from touching any artwork or monuments. Although it is tempting to do so, it can cause irreparable damage to priceless works of history. These structures are exemplary of the best humanity has to offer and record our history for generations to come. Please be sure to respect this as you enjoy your Roman excursion. 

Picnic in the Park

If you’re looking for a laid-back afternoon, plan a picnic with your relatives and friends in the Park of the Aqueducts. Located on Via Lemonia, the Acquedotto Parco contains the historical remains of the aqueducts that Augustus Octavian ordered to be built in 312 BC. The park is beautifully lush and green, perfect to share a snack and converse with your closest friends while you admire one of the great feats of ancient Roman civilization. There are also great trattorias nearby, and one is La Pineta, with wonderful filling portions of classic pasta dishes. 

Hiking on Monte Mario Hill

Sustainable tourism means spreading out your activities as to not overcrowd and overuse facilities. Take a day off the roads most traveled and venture into a residential area away from center, such as Balduina. Balduina has great restaurants and shopping that will fill a day with ease. Balduina also has beautiful tucked away hiking trails. Take yourself or friends and family for a day hike. Don’t forget your walking sticks. Or, take a trip to the Tiber Island. The Tiber Island is very beautiful. It is in the center of the Tiber River in the center of Rome. It is located between the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere. 



Public transportation in Rome is notoriously unreliable. You should always leave earlier than you think you need to and have a backup plan. Consider using a lime electric scooter or renting a bike. Stay hydrated using the Nasone that adorn many streets.  Rome is very walkable, and if you’re staying near a train station you will have more ease of movement. The metro trains are very regular and reliable, unlike the bus lines. Download the TicketAppy app to avoid waste from buying paper tickets for each ride.  Just be aware that the metro stops running at 11 pm. If travelling with a group, split an Uber Green fare. Use the Roma Pass to access city bus lines free. Buy it here.

Where to Eat 

For your meals, consider eating at one of the many family-owned and operated Trattorias. A trattoria is a rustic, family-owned casual restaurant that is typically more economical than a Ristorante. However, beware of trattorias in the city center near the Piazzas because these will not be economical. Avoid restaurants in the center with soliciting waiters as these are often tourist-catering and highly marked up. The best thing to do is to read reviews. Consider a smaller family operation opposed to a chain or tourist restaurant, as your patronage will be greatly appreciated. Check out other sustainable eateries here.


Rakayla Campbell


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