Venezia dell’Ovest


    Nantes era definita in passato Venezia dell’Ovest per i numerosi canali che l’attraversavano e la sua potenza economica.

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    Francesca is a Strategic thinker and a visionary business leader. Marketing / Communications manager, with over 20 years of experience in partnership and business development. She has worked for leading companies such as Wind TLC, ItaliaOnline, Seat PG, Paesionline, Valica and AirBnB. Francesca teaches Marketing in several International school and Universtities (Loyola University, the Rome Study Center of Richmond American University in London, Rome Business School, etc.). She loves to create and distribute cross media format (web-social-radio). To meet the technological challenge of voice search focused in the Travel industry (her great passion), she founds LinkedIn Profile:


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